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scenario writers

 投稿者:伊藤  投稿日:2010年 4月14日(水)13時25分48秒
  Hi Prime Blue.

Is it possible to read that comic "Cage of Cradle" in your country ?
I think it is only Japan.

The scenario writer of the "Cage of Cradle" is Hiroyuki Owaku.
And I modified that scenario and adjusted that to my graphic image.

The first SILENT HILL is Keiichiro Toyama's original scenario.
But Hiroyuki Owaku had charge of that riddle part.

About the scenario of the SILENT HILL 2 we(some persons) worked together.

The SILENT HILL 3 is Hiroyuki Owaku.

...I don't know about SILENT HILL 4.

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