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Particularly with something as expensive as a Rebecca Minko

 投稿者:keyboyo  投稿日:2012年 4月24日(火)14時55分36秒
  How many times have you bought something, then changed your mind and then had trouble in returning it? I've written this article so you can make sure that it doesn't happen to you. Particularly with something as expensive as a Rebecca Minkoff handbag.

It happens Louis Vuitton Handbags Sale all the time. I've lost count of the number of times I've been told that I can't return the item because it was marked down as a sale item. My answer to that is, so what? What possible difference can it make to a retailer what the price was when he sold it to you? The fact is that he wants that product out of his door and doesn't want it back on his shelf. No question of customer service of course. He doesn't care if you never come back into his store again, he just wants your Gucci Bags Outlet money and he's not going to give it back, even if you're not satisfied.

The other trick they use to keep their hands on your money is to accept the item back but only on the basis of your having to purchase another item of equal, or greater, value from the store. Okay, not quite so bad but suppose there's nothing else in the store that interests you? You're stuck with what might be several hundred dollars worth of store credit that you don't really want. As far as the storekeeper is concerned, it's money in the bank. They can sit there as long as they like and they know that you're going to come back eventually. Not many of us can just forget about it and write off the cost of a Rebecca Prada Handbags Sale Minkoff handbag. It's really not very satisfactory is it?

With something like an expensive handbag you want to be able to buy, not only at a good price, but with the total assurance that you can return it without question (not very likely with a Rebecca Minkoff handbag, I know) and get a full refund. And, of course, if you've bought something on the Internet Cheap Balenciaga Bags and want to return it, it is important that you satisfy yourself that the cost of sending it back is borne by the retailer as well. Why should you pay for it? It's not just top-of-the range handbags, of course, it's everything you buy. There's no reason why you should be subject to what Hermes Bags  Sale I consider to be unscrupulous behavior by retailers.

Discover Rebecca Minkoff handbag sale offers that provide shipping and, indeed, return shipping, at no cost if you're not totally in love with it from the moment you open the package.

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 投稿者:teacup.運営  投稿日:2012年 4月24日(火)14時53分1秒